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IfibrHygienic is an incredibly innovative bed pad designed for hotels, hospitals, spas, nursing homes and other facilities. With a unique blend of silicon, minerals, carbon and merino wool, it can improve quality of life in a simple but effective way.

ifibrHygienic reflects body heat to soothe inflammation and reduce pain, as well as improve sleep quality. In addition, its fluid-repellent but breathable properties make it ideal for use in the commercial, tourism and healthcare sectors.


ifibrHygienic is used in more sensitive areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, convalescent homes, hotels, etc.

ifibrHygienic differs only in that it repels all liquids such as blood, urine etc. due to the firmer, air-permeable textile surface.

ifibrHygienic is placed directly on the mattress (under the fitted sheet).

For sensitive areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, health resorts, hotels, etc.

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