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    Today is the first day of your icell way of life!
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Balance is waiting inside!

What is ICELL®?
ICELL® is a drink containing zinc, which is intended to be taken for 90 days.

The zinc contained in ICELL® can increase your well-being and protect your cells from protect your cells from oxidative stress. The breakdown of waste products can be supported and the normal cellular work in the body can be promoted. ICELL® is your new good habit. As a daily ritual it can help to actively stimulate cell vitalization by releasing cell blockages. Due to the contained zinc, the daily intake of ICELL® can contribute to a normal metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

What can ICELL® do?
Quantum technology out of the bottle!

Your body is made of thousands of cells. They have to work perfectly, so that you feel fit, vital and healthy. ICELL® supports active cell vitalisation by removing cell blockages. Cell regulation can happen again in an unhindered and optimized way. The formula for success is: if your cells are healthy, you are healthy too. And in this process ICELL® reliably supports you every day and again.

ICELL® assists the body's own buffer system. By taking ICELL®, metabolic products that are toxic for the organism are gently eliminated and the cells are cleansed. In this way, ICELL® actively promotes the self-cleansing process and brings persistent imbalances back into balance. The result: the ICELL® effect, which you can feel and see!


Discover the power of icell® and how it can transform our health, energy and quality of life. Due to its unique nature, we have patented our product. More info here.

Water, sodium hydroxide, zinc gluconate 10 ml ICELL® contains: 2,5 mg zinc (100%*) *Corresponds to 25% of the daily reference intake according to the Food Information Regulation.

Recommended daily dose
(2x daily) 5 ml ICELLin 500 ml water

Recommended intake
Twice daily Pour 5ml of ICELL® into the BE O bottle and mix with 500ml of water. Drink the mixture throughout the day, at least 30 minutes after meals. It is recommended to take the mixture for a duration of 90 days. After these 90 days, the mixture should not be taken again for another 30 days. Please keep the opened bottle in the fridge.

ICELL® feat. BE O bottle

This reusable bottle from the Netherlands has taken our hearts by storm. The perfect drinking bottle for our ICELL®: a super handy design making the bottle easy to carry, clean and store. Sustainably produced in The Netherlands and then also made from plants. The BE O bottle is made from the residual flows of sugar cane with a carbon footprint of -80gr CO2e. Simply EVERYTHING is right! And the cherry on the cake - all parts can be replaced separately which makes it easy to repair the bottle. On top of that it’s fully recyclable. We think that's great and are proud to have entered into a green partnership with the BE O bottle.

You can find more information here:

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The sustainable solution made of sugar cane!

ICELL Product Brochure


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Today is the first day of your ICELL way of life!

Balance is waiting inside!