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  • fibr duvet - for the sake of a life
    New technology
  •  fibr blanket - feel more comfortable
    With our patented technology you wake up refreshed and with more energy.
  •  Cover with patented technology
    Feel better overall - Improve your quality of life
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Ipoh GmbHAuen-Süduferstraße 679220 Velden, Austria

Pho.: +43 4274 2821Fax: +43 4274 2821-4Mail: officeno@spamifibr.comWeb:

New technology

Feel better with our patented technology.

New technologies are always exciting, and IFIBR definitely falls into this category.

With our patented technology, you will wake up relaxed and with more energy, and you will feel more comfortable overall. Improve your quality of life – for the sake of your life.