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  • Scientifically proven
    The scientifically proven efficacy of IFIBR has been demonstrated in a clinical study by Dr. Michael Ofner.
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Scientifically proven.

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The scientifically proven efficacy of IFIBR has been demonstrated in a clinical study by Dr. Michael Ofner. In 2019, Dr. Ofner received the "ITALIAN HEALTH AWARD 2019" for his achievements in health promotion and regeneration research, thereby confirming the success of the technology. Numerous users around the world benefit from better sleep and better health. IFIBR is a reliable and efficient solution for improving your well-being.

Study design

A randomized double-blind study was chosen as the study design for this experiment. This type of study is considered the gold standard in research as it helps to minimize external factors that could affect the results. Approximately 50 test subjects were used for this particular experiment. The test and control groups were randomly selected by a computer, with neither the subjects nor the attending physician knowing who was using IFIBR and who was using a placebo product.

Study design

Prior to the study, each subject was provided with a questionnaire covering the areas where efficacy should be established. After the 4-week test phase, the subjects were interviewed again and the result was evaluated. The allocation of IFIBR and the placebo products was not decoded until after data collection and analysis. This rigorous procedure helped to achieve reliable results that clearly demonstrate the benefits of IFIBR. Those who use IFIBR reported not only better sleep, but also improved overall health without having to change their lifestyle or make additional efforts.


The results of the study showed that people who slept on IFIBR experienced significant pain relief. And not only that, their mobility also improved, resulting in better sleep and better overall health. In addition, all these benefits were achieved without additional effort on the part of the participants. This makes IFIBR an ideal solution for anyone looking for a way to improve their quality of life.