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    Access key (keyboard shortcut)
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Access key (keyboard shortcut)

A key combination (also key combination, key command, keyboard shortcut, key shortcut, key sequence, hotkey, and shortcut) is the simultaneous or sequential pressing of multiple keys on computer keyboards at a specific time or in a specific order.

Information and help on the access key

  • Different browsers offer different functionalities for invoking keyboard links.
  • The access key is the "Alt" key in most browsers.
  • On the Mac, the access key is the "Ctrl" key.
  • Starting with Firefox V2, the "Alt" key, "Shift" key and the corresponding number must be pressed.
  • Internet Explorer requires "Alt" with the appropriate key. Then the "Enter" key.
  • In Opera V7, links are invoked by first pressing "Shift+Esc" and then the assigned key.
  • Unfortunately, keyboard shortcuts are not supported in Opera V9.

Keyboard shortcuts for AccessKey

  • Alt+0 = Switch to home page [0].
  • Alt+1 = Jump to navigation [1].
  • Alt+2 = Skip to content [2].
  • Alt+3 = Jump to contact [3].
  • Alt+4 = Switch to sitemap [4].
  • Alt+5 = Switch to search form [5].
  • Alt+9 = information about the access key [9].

Accessible version

To display an easier-to-read text, simply use the "Accessible Version" button located in the "Tools" menu.