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    Code of Conduct
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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Code of Conduct

IFIBR is an international company founded in 2019.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets minimum standards for ethical conduct, performance and compliance with company policies. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy covers all aspects of our social, economic and environmental commitments.

Code of Conduct

All employees are expected to adhere to the standards set out in our Code of Conduct and CSR Policy, which are communicated to the entire workforce. They are constantly updated and are freely accessible internally.


IFIBR strives to deliver world-class innovative products and services through continuous improvement, reinvestment, professionalism and the commitment of its employees.

Our sustainable growth plan aims to create longevity and stability for our stakeholders and profitable cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

We are a customer-focused, responsible company that meets the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

We are committed to minimizing the impact of our daily work on the environment and continuously improving our energy efficiency and waste management.

We make a positive contribution to our community and are considered a great place to work, where the safety and well-being of our employees come first.

ifibr: Code of Conduct

Sustainable growth plan

Each year, we create a detailed plan for the coming year that sets budgets for all revenue streams, targeting areas where opportunities exist or, where appropriate, perceived risks. The plan considers all aspects of the business and identifies the resources needed to maintain current levels and/or support growth.

We consider our employees to be our most valuable resource, and our plan helps us identify the required workforce, identify skills gaps, and target ongoing training and personal development. The plan allows us to manage short-, medium- and long-term initiatives in the areas of human resources, product development, market trends, foreign investment, legislation, accreditation and sustainability.

Business ethics and compliance

IFIBR will always conduct its business with integrity and respect for human rights in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and our own internal policies.


IFIBR is aware of the need to protect the natural environment and believes that a clean and unpolluted environment is beneficial for all. We always adhere to best practices when disposing of waste and, beyond our legal obligations, IFIBR will proactively protect the environment. We encourage all our employees to be mindful of our environment at all times, we actively promote recycling in all common areas and communicate our environmental and waste activities.

Social responsibility

Every year, IFIBR selects a charity for which we collect donations. We host a number of charity events and activities and encourage all of our employees to participate in local fundraisers associated with the nominated charity.

In addition, we have a modest budget that we use to support local sports clubs and community events.